Our Priority is You.

Here at Platte Valley Ag Products, Inc. (PVAP) our aim is simple. We treat our customers with priority.

We work hard to be your best source for feed, mineral, licktubs & feeding equipment in the Wyo-Braska Region.

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What We Offer


We offer a number of brands and a variety of feeds formulated specifically for Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats,& Swine, and Pets, Poultry & Game Birds to meet our producers’ needs.

Mineral & Lick Tubs

Offering the highest quality mineral and lick tub supplements for your herd, at the most reasonable prices.


We proudly offer feeding equipment from Werk Weld of South Dakota & Bar 6 Manufacturing.

Specials, News & Upcoming Events

Platte Valley Ag Products is running full bore into the fall/winter feed season.

Our freight team is busy delivery bulk semi loads to our valued ranch customers. Please allow a minimum notice of 7 to 10 days when placing an order for bulk delivery. Also, we recommend all customers call ahead to reserve their feedstuffs to be picked up at our warehouse in pallet or tote quantities.

Many producers are weaning calves and with that challenge comes stressed calves.

Check out PVAP’s 15% Weaning and Grower Supplement Powered by Alltech Bio Mos® to get those calves on feed and off to a great start. For those dry cows, we suggest producers look at supplementing with a range cube or lick tub. See your options under the Feed tab above.


Coming Soon!

We will soon beginning an informational blog to keep you abreast of the latest news in the livestock industry. Our website is new & updated, however a few things are still under construction. Check back soon for news and tips!

Out of the Area?

Not to worry, you can find PVAP products at Dealers throughout Wyoming, Western Nebraska and Colorado.

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