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Platte Valley Ag Products

Platte Valley Ag Products, Inc.(PVAP) offers a variety of feed supplements to meet the demands of the livestock industry.

All of our products are all natural, use only the finest ingredients and are fortified with a Vitamin A & Vitamin D package. Below is an overview of our standard products.

Sun Cured Alfalfa Pellets

Protein level: 15%

Sizes: ¼” pellets 

PVAP manufactures two levels of SCA pellets. Standard SCA pellets are manufactured from good quality alfalfa hay and are an excellent supplement for producers at a least cost basis.
Also available are Premium SCA pellets which are produced from the finest high Relative Feed Value (RFV) alfalfa hay the area has to offer. These pellets are the ultimate in SCA products with excellent digestibility and virtually no loss at the bunk

15% Weaning/Grower Supplement Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ®

Protein level: 15%

Sizes: ¼” pellets 

 Toxic to Sheep

The benchmark product that introduced our brand to livestock producers.
This feed supplement is designed for high stressed, newly weaned, or growing calves and features a combination of high RFV alfalfa hay, ground corn, wheat, and barley along with a superior level of trace minerals and vitamins. Additionally this feed features Bio-Mos ®, a yeast culture additive that increases digestibility and gut health.
PVAP is proud to partner with Alltech on both the Bio-Mos ® & Bio-Plex ® trace minerals for superior livestock performance.
Designed to be fed at 4 lbs. per 500 pounds of body weight.

Cheyenne 14% Cattle Grower Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ®

Protein level: 14%

Sizes: ¼” pellets

 Toxic to Sheep

This highly fortified product is designed to be fed as part of a “step up” program after cattle are weaned or started on 15% Weaning/Grower Supplement Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos®.

The 14% Cattle Grower features a higher net energy level to promote higher gains in beef cattle while still providing protein, trace minerals, vitamins, and yeast cultures.

May be fed up to 2% of the body weight of the animal after a warm up period. Contains supreme alfalfa hay and ground corn and grains.

Bale N Bushel

Protein level: 14%

Sizes: ¼” pellets 

The Bale N Bushel feed supplement is an excellent choice for those producers who want to utilize alfalfa hay and grains in a pelleted form.

Complement this formulation with a vitamin A and D package and you have a great choice for growing calves, beef cows, and sheep.

The combination of alfalfa and grains provides adequate levels of both protein and energy when fed to cattle at a rate of 2 to 4 lbs. per head per day.

15% Calf Creep

Protein level: 15%

Sizes: ¼” pellets

 Toxic to Sheep

A true “self- fed” product, this feed supplement features a consumption limiter to avoid over eating. Additionally an excellent trace mineral and vitamin package rounds out the alfalfa and grain base.

Includes supplemental copper in the trace mineral package.

3 3 3 Custom Cake

Protein level: 28%

Sizes:  7/8″ cubes

CUSTOM ORDER ONLY IN LARGE QUANTITIES – This product is a combination of 3 main ingredients blended at equal rates. High RFV alfalfa hay, high protein sunflower meal, and cottonseed meal are the backbone of this unique product.
Originally designed for a large ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska, it provides a high level of protein in a very palatable formulation. The smell of the ground alfalfa makes this product an excellent choice for all sizes of livestock.

20% Range Cake

Protein level: 20%

Sizes:  7/8″ cubes

This is an excellent choice for growing yearlings on dormant range or for bred cows running on corn stalks or dormant grass.  A great source of energy & protein including 20,000 units of Vit. A per lb and 2,000 units Vit. D per lb.

30% Range Cake

Protein level: 30%

Sizes:  7/8″ cubes

By far our largest selling range supplement, this product is based on cottonseed meal with an additional complement of high protein sunflower meal and a small level of alfalfa hay.

This formulation makes a very sturdy cube which lends itself to tough feeding conditions on the range. We add our highest level of vitamin A and D (30,000 units/3,000 units per lb. respectively) to round out this exceptional supplement for yearlings, bred cattle, and bulls. It can also be provided in a pellet for use as a grower and feeder supplement in a mixed ration.

32% Cattle Feeder Supplement Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos® – TM

Protein level: 32%

Sizes: ¼” pellets

 Toxic to Sheep

This is a great supplement for farmer feeders and those feeding locker beef. Designed to promote growth and performance in Beef Cattle fed in confinement for maximum productivity and to promote gut health and activity. Will aide in the prevention of Scours and Bloat.

This product is designed to be fed at the rate of 1 lb. up to 2 lb. per head per day on growing and finishing cattle to provide essential trace minerals, vitamins, yeast cultures, and protein.  Completely all natural, this product meets criteria for many branded beef programs allowing cattlemen to capture all natural premiums.  Made only in a tough ¼” pellet, this product mixes well and retains its composure through the mixer wagon.”

Farmers & Ranchers

Platte Valley Ag Products, Inc. (PVAP) is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for Farmers and Ranchers Cooperative based out of Ainsworth, Nebraska. Many of these products are Dried Distiller Grain (DDG) based which are popular among many livestock producers.

** These Farmers and Ranchers products currently available only in Semi-load lots.

25% Protein, 6% Fat DDG Pellets

Protein level: 25% | Sizes: 3/16″ pellets

A standard, straight DDG pellet with only additional calcium and molasses added.  This is an inexpensive, mid-protein and energy product excellent for feeding confined cattle.  Available in 3/16” pellet only.

23% Protein, 5% Fat (80% DDG) Cube

Protein level: 23% | Sizes: 7/8″ cube

This 7/8” cube is primarily a DDG cube with additional roughage and vegetable proteins added.  20,000 units of Vitamin A are added to the formulation along with calcium.  This is a softer cube which may a benefit for younger cattle or when introducing cattle to cake.

32% Protein Cube

Protein level: 32% | Sizes: 7/8″ cube

This range cake is the highest protein level cube manufactured by Farmers and Ranchers Cooperative and utilizes DDG and soy meal.  40,000 Units of Vitamin A are per lb. and additional calcium.  A guarantee of 1.7% fat.  A good choice for a higher protein cube when utilizing poor quality roughages.
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