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Handling Options

PVAP Transportation LLC, in partnership with Platte Valley Ag Products, Inc. (PVAP) is ready to provide delivery to your farm or ranch via several different means. Click Here for Policies and Additional Information regarding deliveries


PVAP offers 50# paper bag deliveries on large quantities.  Our hauling capability is from 6 up to 25 tons of bagged products.

All bagged products are placed in one ton lots (forty (40) 50# bags), palletized, and shrink wrapped. Bagged products require a forklift or loader with pallet forks to off load.

Pallet Policy: Pallets can be a nightmare to keep track of, so PVAP has developed a “Trust” policy regarding pallets. We only ask that you return pallets to us in good shape at the time of your next order, or bring them back to us when you are done using them. Additionally, most customers are asked to bring in pallets in good shape at the time of their first order or return them with the delivery truck if possible. We do not charge a pallet deposit and hope this “Trust” policy continues to work for both PVAP and our customers.

Delivery: We have available a gooseneck flat bed trailer or a semi dry van for this purpose. Dry Van delivery allows for feeds to stay dry no matter the weather. Contact us for more information.


Tote weights can vary, with a 1,500# minimum, and a 2,000# standard.

Toted products may either be palletized or loaded directly onto the trailers and may be unloaded using a chain hoist or loader tractor and chains.

Tote Policy: Our tote policy is straight forward. A $15 per tote fee is charged regardless of size. We are no longer able to do tote exchanges.

Dry Van Delivery: We offer delivery of bagged and toted feed via our Dry Van allowing for feeds to stay dry no matter the weather. Contact Us for more information.


OPTION 1: Paddle Trailer PVAP Transportation LLC owns  2012 & 2016 Ledwell Paddle trailers, capable of hauling up to 25 tons of bulk cubes or pellets. This unique trailer has the ability to reach most over head feed bins or grain bins.

The 40 foot paddle boom (stinger) will gently lift the feed products to the top of your storage bin without creating fines or breaking products up. This trailer can be split weighed so that it can haul up to 3 different bulk feed products.

The 8 compartments each hold approximately 3 tons. A floor chain pulls the feed to the rear of the trailer for offloading and access to the stinger boom. Additionally, we have contractors with similar trailers.

OPTION 2: Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer For those customers who have bulk unloading facilities (grain pit or bin augers), PVAP Transportation LLC offers delivery via hopper bottom grain trailers.

This trailer unloads via 2 or 3 gates on the bottom of the trailer, thus they must unload into a pit or into an auger accessory.

This method is recommended for pellets only.

Policies & Additional Information

In order to best serve you PVAP has put specific policies in place regarding delivery time, equipment and personnel. Please read below.

Dealer Deliveries

PVAP works closely with several dealers in the region. Thus, if you are needing a small quantity of feed or if it will be more conducive to work thru one of our dealers, we will refer you to the closest location. All of our dealers represent and provide our products in the most professional and highest quality possible.

Quality Assurance at Delivery

All PVAP products are screened prior to bagging, loading, or toting. Thus, the amount of fines or small pieces of product are virtually eliminated. We strive to formulate our products in the best possible manner to alleviate any fines or waste.

Delivery Time

We ask that you give PVAP at least 10 days to 2 weeks prior notice for deliveries, especially during the Fall and Winter months. Our company is quickly growing and we try to rapidly delivery as quickly as possible, but planning of our production and deliveries is often done at least 1 week to 10 days in advance.

Delivery Personnel

PVAP prides itself in courteous, safe, and efficient customer service and deliveries. Delivery service is conducted through PVAP Transportation LLC as well as trusted contractors to haul our ranch loads using Ledwell Paddle trailers. Our hopper loads are hauled using one of our hand picked contractors. Bagged and toted loads are hauled by either PVAP Transportation or local contractors, but always with excellent equipment and loading and unloading skills

Certified Scales

PVAP has on sight a state certified truck scale. All products that are toted or hauled in the bulk are weighed on this scale. Additionally, all bagged products are weighed in 50# paper bags using a certified bagging scale.

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