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Platte Valley Ag Products

PVAP’s facility is considered “Equine Friendly” as Monensin Sodium has not been allowed on the premises. Our valued equine customers are very important to us and we want to assure them that their companion’s health and welfare is taken into high regard.

Sun Cured Alfalfa Pellets

Protein level: 15%

Sizes: ¼” pellets

PVAP manufactures two levels of SCA pellets. Standard SCA pellets are manufactured from good quality alfalfa hay and are an excellent supplement for producers at a least cost basis.

Also available are Premium SCA pellets which are produced from the finest high Relative Feed Value (RFV) alfalfa hay the area has to offer. These pellets are the ultimate in SCA products with excellent digestibility and virtually no loss at the bunk. These pellets are screened for fines at time of packaging to ensure the highest quality product with minimal amount of waste.

14% Horse Complete Feed Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ®

Protein level: 14%

Sizes: ¼” pellets and 7/8” cubes

 Toxic to Sheep

A highly palatable formulation that provides protein and energy to all classes of horses.

This product utilizes premium high RFV alfalfa hay and grains with high levels of Vitamin A and D and chelated trace minerals. Additionally, Alltech’s Bio-Mos® yeast culture is added to aide in gut health and digestion of forages. This feed is clearly a notch above your average horse products and the results are amazing.

Testimonials from owners of idle horses to working ranches show this product is adaptable to all classes of equines.  A key component of this feed is its high digestibility which allows long stem hay and other “sweet” feeds to be replaced with this quality product. One of PVAP’s hottest sellers, this feed is sure to please you and keep in mind that PVAP does not dabble in cattle feeds promoting Monensin Sodium (Rumensin®) so your equine is in safe hands while using this product.

Cheyenne 14% Cattle Grower Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ®

Protein level: 14%

Sizes: ¼” pellets

 Toxic to Sheep

A long time used cattle supplement, the Cheyenne is completely safe and palatable to horses as well.  Many ranchers use this high energy product for growing replacement heifers and bulls and you can use it as well on older or poor doing horses to promote weight gain.  As with any high energy product, the Cheyenne should be introduced slowly to avoid gut upset. Key components include vitamins, trace minerals, and yeast cultures.

May be fed up to 2% of the body weight of the animal after a warm up period. Contains supreme alfalfa hay and ground corn and grains.

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