**Some items are not on site but can be ordered.

Platte Valley Ag Products, Inc.(PVAP) is proud to offer feeding equipment from Werk Weld of South Dakota & Bar 6 Manufacturing.

Handi Hopper

Handi-Hopper portable storage containers available in 1 and 2 ton models, these Handi-Hoppers make storage, well, pretty darn handi. Built to transport and store corn, grain, feed, wood stove pellets, or nearly any bulk item with ease, these Handi-Hoppers are available now at PVAP.

Standard Features

  • Ground Opening Lid
  • Easy Slide Grain Gate
  • Sight Glass Window
  • New 15″ Tires
  • Rear Jack
  • Safety Chains
  • Lights
  • 5 Gallon Bucket Fits Perfectly Under Grain Gate for Easy Fill

Size Options

  • 1 Ton
  • 2 Ton

All Equipment Purchase Options

Some items are not on site but can be ordered.

Click here to Contact Us for pricing and purchase information.

Feed Wagons

We’ve had a lot of interest in these and are excited to offer them to you, our valued customers. These wagons and skids are available in a number of sizes, give us a call for pricing information.
Standard Features

  • 12 Gauge Feed Pan with Feed Saver Lip
  • 12 Gauge 2 in. Square Tube Hay Cage
  • Full Length Frame
  • 16 in. 10-ply Tires
  • Telescoping Tongue
  • Skid Models Available
  • Removable End Panel for Easy Cleaning

Sizes Available: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 30 ft.

Cake Feeders

Another line of feeders we are excited to offer comes from Bar 6 Manufacturing. These Cake Feeders are available in a number of sizes, give us a call for pricing information.
Sizes Available

  • 1200 lb Standard
  • 2500 lb Standard
  • 1000 lb Special*
  • 1600 lb Special*
  • 250 lb ATV Feeder
  • 450lb UTV Feeder**

*The “special” sizes are designed to fit on flat beds only and are designed so you can hook up a goose neck hitch without worrying about turning into the feeders.

**These feeders are simple to install and come with required wiring harnesses and switches.  They are an auger delivery, 12 volt motor driven feeder built to stand up to the harshest feeding conditions.
The 1200 lb & 2500 lb standard feeders may be put on flatbeds or regular bed pickups.

Other sizes available by order.

Feed Bunks

If your tired of fixing wood feed bunks or those light steel feed bunks that rust out in a few years, we’ve got the bunk for you. Learn more below and give us a call for pricing information.

These Heavy Duty Feed Bunks are made from 10 or 12 gauge material and weigh up to 900 lbs.

The legs are constructed out of 3/16 inch wall rectangular tubing. They are capped on the top and bottom, so you can still move them when the ground is frozen.

Top lip formed to the inside to prevent feed loss.Two drain holes in both ends.

Size Options

  • 31″ wide x 8″ deep 16ft. Length
  • 38″ wide x 12″ deep 20ft. Length
  • 45″ wide x 15″ deep 20 ft. Length

Creep Feeders

35 Bushel Single Sided Creep Feeder with Panels. These creep/self cattle feeders are designed for durability and strength. Give us a call for pricing information.

All creep feeders are easily set up without any tools. Top lid opens from the ground.

Extra heavy removable creep panels. Creep panel hold down bars.

Easy flow door adjustment system. Full length top opening for easy filling. Lid can be opened with creep panels up or down.

Four calf height adjustments on creep panels. Fully framed feeder. Get yours today!

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