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Platte Valley Ag Products – Sheep & Goats

PVAP specializes in feeds for our sheep and goat producers. These all- natural products feature highly digestible forms of trace minerals, vitamins, and protein sources safe for sheep and goats as indicated below. Whether it be for the show pen, milking does, or breeding herd, we have a feed for you. Please note that some products that are safe for goats are not safe for sheep. The sheep products do not contain copper due toxicity concerns

Sun Cured Alfalfa Pellets

Protein level: 15%

Sizes: ¼” pellet only

Species: Sheep, Goats

PVAP manufactures two levels of SCA pellets. Standard SCA pellets are manufactured from good quality alfalfa hay and are an excellent supplement for producers at a least cost basis.

Also available are Premium SCA pellets which are produced from the finest high Relative Feed Value (RFV) alfalfa hay the area has to offer. These pellets are the ultimate in SCA products with excellent digestibility and virtually no loss at the bunk. These pellets are screened for fines at time of packaging to ensure the highest quality product with minimal amount of waste.

16% Kid & Lamb Starter Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ®

Protein level: 16%

Sizes: 3/16″ pellets 

Species: Sheep, Goats

Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ® Made only in a 3/16” pellet, this product should be introduced to very young (less than 20 lbs.) goat kids and/or lambs as soon as feasible.  This pellet provides essential trace minerals and vitamins backed by Bio Mos® yeast cultures to get the gut working and digesting feed stuffs.  Designed as a free-choice product (creep feeder) it may also be hand fed daily.  Extremely palatable and safe for all classes of livestock.

15% Lamb Creep Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ®

Protein level: 15%

Sizes: ¼” pellets

Species: Sheep & Goats

Powered by All Tech Bio-Mos ® A true “self- fed” product, this feed supplement features a consumption limiter to avoid over eating. Additionally an excellent trace mineral and vitamin package rounds out the alfalfa and grain base. May be fed in the jugs during lambing to replace long stem alfalfa or grass hay.  Less waste, less manure to clean up while lambing. No supplemental copper makes this ideal for lambs, ewes, or rams.

14% Lamb Fattener Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ®

Protein level: 14%

Sizes: ¼” pellets

Species: Sheep, Goats

Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ® A higher energy product designed for finishing of market lambs or for ewes milking heavily.  Can be fed free- choice thru self feeders or hand fed daily.  Contains a limiter to prevent over eating.  Should be used on lambs only after a step-up program.  May also be used for goats being fed for meat production or for milking.

Bale N Bushel

Protein level: 14%

Sizes: ¼” pellets and 7/8″ cubes

Species: Sheep, Goats

The Bale N Bushel feed supplement is an excellent choice for those producers who want to utilize alfalfa hay and grains in a pelleted form.

Complement this formulation with a vitamin A and D package and you have a great choice for growing calves, beef cows, and sheep.

The combination of alfalfa and grains provides adequate levels of both protein and energy when fed to cattle at a rate of 2 to 4 lbs. per head per day.

15% Weaning/Grower Supplement Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ®

Protein level: 15%

Sizes: ¼” pellets  

 Toxic to Sheep

Species: Goats

This benchmark cattle product has fast become a tried and true goat product.  Ideal for maintaining weight on does or growing kids, this product provides essential nutrients in a highly digestible and palatable pellet.

Cheyenne 14% Cattle Grower Powered by Alltech Bio-Mos ®

Protein level: 14%

Sizes: ¼” pellets

 Toxic to Sheep

Species: Goats

Designed as a grower supplement for cattle, this product also has applications for the goat industry.  The Cheyenne has been used for the past few years on meat goats, breeding goats, and goats for milking.

This product falls into the all natural products that PVAP produces so it is completely safe for does milking for human consumption with no added antibiotics.

20% Range Cake

Protein level: 20%

Sizes: 7/8″ cubes

Species: Sheep & Goats

A high grain based protein source for range ewes grazing dormant range, this cube may be fed in the harshest environments to hold up to what mother nature dishes out.

30% Range Cake

Protein level: 30%

Sizes: 7/8″ cubes

Species: Sheep

By far our largest selling range supplement, this product is based on cottonseed meal with an additional complement of high protein sunflower meal and a small level of alfalfa hay.

This formulation makes a very sturdy cube which lends itself to tough feeding conditions on the range. We add our highest level of vitamin A and D (30,000 units/3,000 units per lb. respectively) to round out this exceptional supplement for yearlings, bred cattle, and bulls.

Farmers & Ranchers Products – Swine

Farmers and Ranchers offers a variety of swine breeder, growing, and finishing products. PVAP is proud to carry a premium line of these feeds. All natural and formulated for optimal growth and performance, we are sure you will be tickled with these F&R product offerings.

** These Farmers and Ranchers products currently available only in 50 lb bags.

18% Show Pig Grower

Protein level: 18% | Sizes: 3/16″ pellets

Ideal for young weanling piglets up to and thru the growing stage. This palatable product is designed to get swine on feed fast in a convenient self-fed method. Many 4H youngsters utilize the 18% Show Pig Grower in their project pigs and actually continue feeding this product thru finishing while implementing corn at the later stages.

40% Hog Grower/Finisher

Protein level: 40% | Sizes: Meal Form

A soy based product blended with essential amino acids, vitamins, and protein, this grower/finisher supplement is designed to be mixed with either ground or cracked corn.  Complete mixing directions are featured on the product tag. For the larger back yard producer or pork specialist, this supplement will combine with corn to produce a low cost ration with optimal gain.

Swine Complete Breeder

Protein level: 15.5% | Sizes: 3/16″ pellets

A very economical choice for developing breeding swine and also for maintenance on adult sows and boars.  Contains a full line of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  Aids in muscle development and breeding soundness.

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